Our Service Rates

Our Services is carried out either via bike or van and you can choose the option of same day delivery, 1-hour delivery or 3-hour delivery.

For the express 1hour & 3hour delivery service, it is the time taken to complete the job from your designated point to the destination excluding the traveling time to pick up item.

When the service volume is exceeded by a large margin, the orders will be processed swiftly with multiple personnel. This is to ensure efficient as well as dependable service in order to make sure our customers will be pleasantly served. Nonetheless, the company employs more than vans and bikes, with more than drivers accustomed to rush hour schedules. The company will never fail to address the problem of express service to the customers.

Bike Service for Ad-hoc Delivery (Monday to Friday)

Same Day Service (8.30am to 6.00pm)
3 Hour Service
1 Hour Service

Van Service for Ad-hoc Delivery (Monday to Friday)

Same Day Service (1KG to 20KG)
3 Hour Service (1KG to 20KG)
Super Express
1 Hour Service (1KG to 20KG)

Waiting Time ( Cumulative Fee )

First 15 mins
$15 (Subsequent block of 15mins)

Additional Information

There will be an additional charge of $10.00 imposed for the below stated areas

  • Areas from Pioneer Road North onwards.
  • Areas from Jalan Buroh & Penjuru Road onwards.
  • Areas from Sembawang shipyard
  • All army camps
  • Jurong Island
  • Sentosa
  • Changi Cargo and Changi Airport

S & R Express will not accept responsibility for indirect or consequential loss or damage arising from:

  • Insufficient or improper packing of items.
  • Incomplete or wrong address provided.
  • Hazardous, fragile or brittle nature of the goods.
  • Failure by the addresses to accept delivery within reasonable time.

Replacement cost liability is up to a maximum of S$50.00 (Sing Dollar: Fifty), on condition that S & R Svc Express is satisfied that the claim is justified.

14 days upon receipt of invoice.